Back and armed with photographs

July 27, 2010

Hello there! Hiatus is over as have I returned from a vacation to France. It was pretty damn beautiful! I think ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ next week will have my favourite bits of my journey in it but for now I’d like to share with you my pictures! The last few times I’ve been away I haven’t taken a camera but this time before I left my Dad made me promise I’d take it with me – so I did. Hey, I’m no photographer but I hope you’ll like the pictures and get a taste of what I experienced in Southern France.

Hope you liked the pictures! Until next time,

love and ocean-sunsets,
Lizzi x

P.S. If there’s a picture you want to see clearer and bigger just give it a click ^-~


Hiatus Announcement

July 17, 2010

Quite Contrary Life will return to normal on the 27th of July,

Live long, prosper and all that jazz,

Lizzi x

How to Sing and Other Stories

July 16, 2010

Sorry for the misleading title – I can’t teach you how to be good at singing. I really can’t sing. This is about having the courage to sing. I’m really quite terrible, however I continue to do so all the time because it makes me feel good and it feels refreshing. I bring this up because I think it’s important to have courage and to do what we want to. Being self conscious is an issue that gets skimmed over too much for my liking. It is horrible at the time – however it can be overcome and learned from.

In my early teens being self conscious hit me pretty hard. So hard that actually I thought I might be paranoid. I remember that I wouldn’t even open my mouth to speak without looking over my shoulder twice, I never said anything opinionated because I was afraid of offending people and what they would think of me. I was afraid of expressing myself and my true feelings.

I just wanted to tell anyone who feels like this that they are not alone. In fact it is the majority of people who care what other people think. That is also your freedom, once you realise that everyone else is caught up in their own worries to notice yours is when you can move on. You can spend all day worrying about everything, about whether your hair looks okay to whether you should voice your opinion but you should know that most people are so wrapped up in their own worries and thoughts (are people staring at me? did I wear to much make up? does it make me look trampy? will it make me look like a nerd if I read this on the bus? does it make me look helpless if I take the bus? – it does get ridiculous!) to notice any of yours.

Like I said earlier, being self conscious at some point in your life can be learned from. When I was younger I once went to meet my wonderfully stylish friends in a t-shirt and jeans, I felt so second best all day, so since then I have been overdressed for everything and I adore it – it has become part of who I am! I guess that’s a little example….

But the best example and the very best thing you gain from overcoming self consciousness is perspective, which happens to be one of the best things ever. In fact most experience gives you perspective and well, it is a pretty bumpy road-ed experience so you’ll gain lots of it! Perspective makes you see things as the truly are which brings me back to singing. I sing on the street when I want to, I wear anything I like, I say what I feel when I feel it and everyone else should. So your singing badly on the street, so what? Does it matter what other people think? Of course not. Will you ever see those people again? Probably not, no. Try to get over your fears, be yourself and remember that you only live once – so sing.

All my love,

Lizzi x

I Don’t Like Mondays 12/07/10

July 12, 2010

Hello darling, hows your week? The blog may have changed name, but is still sailing the ship of happiness! (oh excuse me!) ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’  is a weekly way of practising gratitude because as you know by now,  gratitude is what sugar is to cake, what snow is to Antarctica and what Peach is to Mario. Without further ado, my favourite things of the past week have been:

* Finding out about Gokinjo Monotagari – I love Ai Yazawa but I only knew about Paradise Kiss and NANA until now! It was a wonderful discovery

* My funny nurse. I went for a check on a few things and she said, “So it looks like there’s nothing wrong…. is that okay?” and my printed result also said Age:9 ^-^

* Wearing a dress I’d bought from a local charity store to be stopped by a pretty lady (with dreadlocks no less!) who told me it used to be hers and she was glad it went to me! Have you had any experiences like this? I would love to hear about them!

* I bought a bowler hat….that’s all I need to say really!

* This conference on how schools kill creativity comes recommended!

* Making a vision board (you can see a little video of it here) – this sort of illustrates my goals, aesthetics and where I want head with the blog.

* Spending the weekend with my little sisters! I have said how adorable they are but allow me to do it again…They are adorable!

* Finding out that there’s going to be another café/gallery in my area ^-^ I consider myself to be so lucky where I am.

* Having vivid dreams almost every night for a week! Dreams are one of my favourite things ever ever.

Love and sunshine,
Lizzi x

P.S. I’m in France next week (yay!) so chances of ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ on the 19th are slim…. but I’ll see what I can do!


July 12, 2010

It’s time for change at Miss Lizzi’s. In find myself uninspired by the name ‘Odds and Ends’ – it’s too general, not important enough. It’s as though each article is just something neither here nor there, without a cause. Que change!

As you may know, I wrote (and am writing) ‘The Quite Contrary Guide to Prom’. It was written for the people who (watch me skip around the word ‘individual’) didn’t feel comfortable conforming to what is seen as the usual way to act at prom – that being hiring a car, buying an expensive, shiny dress with a large circumference etc.  Not that acting that way is bad or wrong but it was not what would make them most happy. The Quite Contrary person was someone like me, like some of my friends and like many, many other people out in the world. In my head, the idea of the Quite Contrary person really developed. The person who isn’t afraid to do want they want, whether it is the trend or not, whether it is the cliché or not because as long as they are happy and being themselves, it didn’t matter.

While I believe everyone is individual and interesting, there seems to be a spectrum of how society puts individuals into groups and then onto the spectrum. These of course are stereotypes. I think one in a million actually fit a stereotype. When you really know about person it seems impossible to put them into a group. We boast about how our friends are rich, interesting characters whereas a stranger could point and call your friends, a fashion victim, a geek, a pushover etc.  So if one end of this spectrum lies the people who leech onto things that have ‘individual’ or ‘rebel’ on the price tag and then exert their ‘individuality’, Quite Contrary is the other end. They love and live life,do what they want to do, and are free.

So I suppose it still is a little general and I did go on a bit of a tangent there… What I am trying to say is that Quite Contrary Life is about people, inspiration, dreams and saving the world. Let’s spread happiness and awesomeness!

Love and the best the future can muster,

Lizzi x

I Don’t Like Mondays 05/07/10

July 5, 2010

Well hello there people of the internet! It is my Monday tradition to brighten the week from the day it begins and so I bring you ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ (which I will totally have to cover on ukulele!) Some wonderful things of recent times have been:

* This is a fantastic argument, that Disneyland is for everyone – not just kids and tourists!

* Starting a love affair with my local park! I’m in love now even with leaves o_o and I have a favourite spot! It’s a place which I find mysterious which s always welcome.

* My prom was last Thursday! I will write more on this for ‘Quite Contrary Guide To Prom’

* Simply the word (or is it a phrase?) Gobble-dee-goop

* It was @daisygunner’s birthday last week -she’s super awesome so send her your wishes!

*Everybody loves songs about Doctor Who, right?

* I’m starting pilates and yoga this week! Oh my! It’s exciting but I’ve never been one to routinely exercise so I’m a little nervous too!

* Planing new plans! Ooh! What say you readers if I were to make this blog less general and to have set theme?

* Glitter, Bowie and glam rock oh my! *awe*

* Getting back into J-fashion (now shush you!). It’s so colourful and inspiring o_o

* Rasputina are my summer bandsee reference!

Love and wonka bars,
Lizzi x

Introducing – Mr. Brian Slade!

I Don’t Like Mondays 28/06/10

June 28, 2010

Hello darling, I’ve a confession to make. Throughout the week I write things down, make mental notes and draft up a post for the following ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ and I choose all my favourite bits and that becomes the post . However, this week I haven’t done that! Forgive me! The thing is – I’m free now (of compulsory education that is.) I think I took freedom a little literally and totally neglected my blog!

Not just every Monday – but every day I think of what I am thankful for, even if it was a bad or if nothing in particular happened because thinking about what I do have and can be thankful for makes me so much happier than I would if I were to think about everything bad or how it could have been better. I know, I know it sounds obvious but it is a hard habit to get into but once you have it makes such a difference. Just do it now. What was the best thing about today?  Try to think of five things. Even little things – don’t judge what makes you happy. Even if it’s just the look on someones face, the shine on your shoes or just some damn good coffee.

So hey, but it’s not specifically relevant to this week but I am so happy and grateful for:

The amazing power of a smile, beautiful magic music, infinite creativity, the seasons, the way that trees, yes trees, can take my breath away, gorgeous teriyaki salmon -you are beautiful! I love kindness, I love bad jokes, I love only every reading half the books I take out from the library because I always go overboard. Vivid dreams, aliens, the smell of baking, cookie dough ice cream, poetry, people with wit, the things children say, petticoats, comic books and the fact that we live in a generation in which you can make a living by making toy food with faces on is all awesome. I could ramble more but I think that’ll do for one day.

All my love and plastic magic wands,

Lizzi x

I Don’t Like Mondays 21/06/10

June 21, 2010

Hey darling, thanks for reading ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ and for bearing with me while I get my exams over and done with! Every Monday I write about the best things of my past week, and encourage you to the same. Last week I loved:

* Seeing the message ‘cogito ergo sum’ written in the steam of the mirror – it mean’s ‘I think, therefore I am.’ Descartes

* HAVING A SQUIRREL IN AN EXAM HALL. It was running around and got pretty close to me!

* The announcement of Portal 2! – Watch this in HD! “It’s been a long time…”

* Reading Stardust – Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors. The words flow like a river o_o

* Having a wonderful day with @elencatrin! Radios, cute cafés, street performers, confusing street signs galore!

* Reading Scott Pilgrim ^-^ It’s so creative! Have you read it?

All my love,
Lizzi x

I saw Angel-A yesterday, I recommend ^-^

I Don’t Like Mondays 14/06/10

June 14, 2010

Hey everyone ^-^ It’s Monday again! The exams are almost over! There’ll be way more (and hopefully) better posts when they’re over! What have your favourite things been this past week? Mine are:

* Being asked “May we follow you?” when running into friends in town

* Learning Love Will Tear Us Apart on my ukulele!

* This video is so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes – not many things do that!

* Accidentally finding a book of John Donne’s poems from my mother to my father from the year I was born.

* Getting lost on the way to an exhibition and deciding to go book shopping instead!

* Seriously dramatic classical music! Rachmaniov FTW, you know what I’m sayin’?

* Did anyone else notice Russel Howard’s ‘Boy with a Shed for a Head’ in the Alejandro video?

* Finally making playlists on Spotify! Share with me ^-^

Love and lemon cake,
Lizzi x

P.S. Don’t forget Fathers Day!

I Don’t Like Mondays 07/06/10

June 7, 2010

Hey everyone, how’s things?  This past week or so I’ve had some time off and the weathers been beautiful! I’ve got exams every day next week, so wish me luck! My favourite things of the past week have been:

* Over-hearing foreign phone conversations.

* The funny old stories that my grandmother tells me

* Photos from the fifties!

* Dancing around to this before exams – I’m not really panicking at the moment! Maybe that’ll change, who knows?

* The fact that my one year old sister can both identify and pronounce ‘zombie’

* Getting inspired for a new personal photography project!

* I’m sort of in love with  polka dots right now… just saying!

*  Again -Playing Mario Kart – with people this time!

* Everybody, both men and women should read this – How To Be a Gentleman– It is fantastic

Love and roses,

Lizzi x

from 10 Things I Hate About You