I Don’t Like Mondays 04/10/10

Hello darling! I have to admit that I’ve been pretty ill for a couple of days so I haven’t felt up to blogging all that much but fear not – I haven’t forgotten about you (I’m just not going to write anything for you!)

I’ve kept up with my gratitude lists for sure, but I also haven’t left my bed much today, therein lies a dilemma. To solve to dilemma, you’ll all have to contribute ^-^ Leave all your favourite things this past week in a comment below! I’ve added the amazing video Joe sent me for you to watch to get the ball rolling so to speak…. you’ll get the pun when you watch it!

Can’t wait to hear what’s making you all smile,

all my love,

Lizzi x

P.S. DFTBA! ^-^


3 Responses to “I Don’t Like Mondays 04/10/10”

  1. Poppy Says:

    A boy in college opened a door for me today… It made my day.

  2. Elen Says:

    hope you feel better soon!
    What’s made me smile lately:
    – finally getting to talk to the person ^-^
    – getting some boots
    – looking forward to the release of Taylor Swift’s new album + Keltie’s book
    – looking forward to seeing you and the others 🙂 (assuming you + sammie feel better)
    – and cafe tuesday ^-^

    hope you have a lovely week + don’t feel too ill.
    love you xx

  3. Hovis Says:

    Hmm… firstly, the fact that you put ok go in your post! 😀

    Also, the following :

    – The Inbetweeners this week, actually had me in histerics 🙂

    – The fact that my physics lecturer Peter told us about the “Magic Physics Shop!” where they buy all of their frictionless ramps, massless springs and other sundries 😛

    And will finish with one which was a complete fail for me, but it made Mair laugh loads…..When at the orthodontist today, Mair and I were sitting in the waiting room when a woman comes in to call for one “Joseph Dork” to be seen to. -.-

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