The Sophie Lancaster Fondation

I consider myself pretty lucky. I live in a city where the worst reaction to how I am dressed is a disapproving stare. That’s it. A stare. Some people have to deal with name-calling, cat-calling, exclusion and even physical abuse. I consider myself pretty lucky.

Can you imagine what it would be like to deal with be being abused for being yourself? For dressing the way you wanted to?

Discrimination starts from somewhere and that is often prejudice. Some people are given a negative outlook of something and in worst cases – act on it. For instance, the media has often portrayed goths to be antisocial, self harming, depressed or violent and that has lead to them being discriminated against. The negative stereotypes have to stop. When you hear something negative or wrong being said about a person just because of their subcultural interests, defend them. Set the record straight before it leads to worse things.

What brought this issue to my attention the most was probably this article from Lolita Charm. Take an extra five minutes to read it unless you don’t like reading about everyday people, just like me and you, being filmed by perverted strangers.

If you watched the video above (and you should have done, because it is vitally important that you do) you will know that Sophie Lancaster was a girl. She had a family, friends and a boyfriend. She was also a goth. This is the sole reason that she and her boyfriend were attacked. If they’d have had different interests they could still be together. She was ‘an angel too soon’.

This has to stop. For every punk accused of being violent, for every goth called dangerous, for anyone who just wants to wear a damn hoodie and not be called a theif – this has to stop. Everyone has to embrace the self expression of others even when it differs from what we know. Everyone has to understand that diversity is what makes life interesting. Beneath the clothes, earphones, cell phones, shoes, hats, paintbrushes, and lipstick we wear to differentiate ourselves, we are all human and deserve to be treated that way.

Over these next two months do something to show you care. Two months gives you enough time to try at least one or two of these ideas:

* Donate money to or buy something from the site here

* Tell a friend about the cause. Spread the word.

* Organise a fund-raising event that lasts the length of a lunch hour.

* Have a cake sale. Hey, it’s not an original concept but it’s a a flawless one.

* Make something public that draws attention to the cause. Whether it’s street art, wearing a shirt about it or leaving a note on a bench somewhere, with a link to the website.

* Get sponsored to embrace your favourite subcultures for a week. Like reading Bram Stoker? Been playing Zelda from birth? Fantasise about being in The Clash? Ask your friends to sponsor you to take your interests to a new and public extreme for a week or even do it for free to just to show that people should not be afraid to express themselves.

Love and bright wishes for the future,

Lizzi x

Watch this too! I love Jillian Venters and this video is awesome and light-hearted and if you have any misconceptions about goth this should clear them up!


5 Responses to “The Sophie Lancaster Fondation”

  1. Elen Says:

    That video was heartbreaking! It’s so unfair that people get treated like that for being who they are.
    Someone nearly set fire to my hair + many people spat in it just because it was different and they didn’t like it.
    The cruel people are only the minority but they can really mess up people’s lives by doing things like what they did to Sophie

  2. Lizzi Says:

    I didn’t know you had been treated like that, I’m really sorry to hear that. Things like that don’t happen to you any more do they? No one should be treated like that. We have to stop things like this.

  3. Elen Says:

    no this was in year 7 + 8. The school bus was a scary place back then.
    All is fine now though luckily + low self-esteem issues are gone + I’m 100% comfortable with being me 🙂

  4. kaysunshine Says:

    I love your blogs so much I could cry!!!! xxx

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