I Don’t Like Mondays 16/08/10

Hello darling, how have you been? Every Monday I write a gratitude list of my favourite things of the past week to beat the Monday blues! It has been just over a year that I’ve been doing this (though I was idle about it to begin with) so I’m really quite proud of that actually… I think it’ll probably stick with me. I’m always thinking about what is good right now, so I don’t forget it later. Anyways, hope you’ve had a good week – I certainly have, here’s why:

* Oh my gosh Toy Story 3! It is fantastic and wonderful. I saw it twice and cried a total of about 6 times..but please don’t let that put you off! My little four year old sister completely bawled but came out with a huge smile on her face and a skip in her step, so trust me on this one.

* Speaking of movies and my little sister, I introduced My Neighbour Totoro to her and she loved it! I’m totally pleased because now I can share all the Ghibli movies with her and together we can plan the Ghilbi World Resort…like Disney World only, a little more Japanese.

* The fact the my family are Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy nerds! In the car my brother noticed a bypass in construction which lead to lots of quotes being quoted and jokes being shared 🙂

* If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that I’m so obsessed with slam poetry, to the point of which I was reciting my favourites in my head because I missed watching them while was away! Why are there no slam poetry readings in my city?

* Perhaps I’ve already mentioned, but I’m planning for halloween already! It is awesome…ok.

* Reading KERA on the train, this is how I like to travel.

* Listening to soundtracks! I’ve listened to Tu Mira from Kill Bill loads recently, because it’s just so awesome.

* Visiting the cute Italian café in town with my mother. The whole place and the people who work there are like a exact balance Welsh (that’s here) and Italian culture. So awesome.

* Meeting someone awesome who works at Lush! We talked about sewing, vintage fairs and period dramas :>

Live long, prosper and all that jazz,
Lizzi x

Two headed elephant, Bimba and Kimba FTW


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