A Billion Reasons Why Everyone Should Carry A Notebook

Of all the things that have ever sat in my bag I think a notebook has been the most useful. Having one on you all the time means you can never be bored, never forget anything and never let inspiration fall away from you.  They are super useful, versatile and fun – everyone should have one. For most days I like to carry an A5 notebook and a really thick calligraphy pen but if I’m going on a trip or on a long walk then I take my polka-dotted pencil case full of cheap colourful brush tip pens with me. Without further ado, a billion reasons you should carry a notebook!

* Write gratitude lists!

* To-do lists

* Perfect cure for boredom.

* Draw or write down anything you that inspires you – these are things you don’t want to be forgetting!

* Make paper aeroplanes.

* Write shopping lists and make them fun ^-^

* Doodle without a care. People should do this more – you don’t have to be an expert to draw.

* Make a mini vision board on a page or two to make your brain happy while you’re out.

* Write down favourite quotes or interesting things you hear the people around you say.

* Document everything! Take minutes! Forget nothing!

* Remember the last time you said “note to self”?  (okay perhaps it has been ten years) Actually write yourself a note next time. You’ll remember your advice to yourself that way.

* Make a dream diary. Write or draw down absolutely everything you can remember, locations, pictures, colours and then interpret them using a dream dictionary.

* If you don’t have a diary, it doubles nicely as one. Just write down all your appointments and you won’t forget them.

* Use it for your work and hobbies. Write down blog ideas, be a detective, a journalist, a poet etcetera

* Write down your aspirations, and in time write down ways you can make them happen

* Practise writing meditation.

* Be score-master when playing games!

* Write love letters and leave them in the street for anyone to find and make their day.

Got an idea of something you can do with a notebook? Leave a comment and one day we’ll reach a billion ideas!

Love, peace and paper,

Lizzi x


2 Responses to “A Billion Reasons Why Everyone Should Carry A Notebook”

  1. Elen Says:

    lizzi lizzi lizzi! i love this<3 😀

  2. Tessa Zeng Says:

    I take nearly all my notes on my computer in a fabulous little program called PageFour (pc version of Scrivener, if you’re familiar), but EVEN THEN I manage to have at least three other notebooks in rotation… one for freewriting, another for journaling, and one for ideas and research. And “notes to self” or what I scrawl as NTS are everywhere. Yikes!

    Being able to record as many ideas as possible is definitely on my gratitude list 😀 I love the inspirational tone and ideas in your blog. It’s a wonderful place to do some reading!

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