I Don’t Like Mondays 02/08/10

Hello darling! I’ve really missed writing ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ – it feels like it’s been too long! Every Monday I write a gratitude list of things I have loved in the past week because, as you know by now, gratitude is a key to happiness. It’s not about what you wish would happen etcetera – it’s about loving everything you’ve got right now. (Don’t you just love that word now?) However since I was away last Monday, I didn’t get to tell you what I loved about that week! So without further ado – my adventures in France!

* One of the cutest things I saw was a little boy with a guitar in a big plastic bag – it looked like he’d just bought it and in his excitement he was trying to play it through the plastic!

*Sitting and reading in the sunshine of the apartments lime tree garden (patio thing!) = Bliss! I had so much lovely free time so I read Runaways – Vol.1,  The Happy Prince and Other Stories, The Graveyard Book and That Was Then, This Is Now. I loved all of them♥

* Shed tournaments (that’s a card game, for those of you with the confused faces) with my brothers! My luck was pretty bad but it was still lots of fun ^-^

* (Excuse my lameness for this one but) At customs I’d forgotten to put my perfume in a ‘seal-able bag’ so when I got called up for it and of course I didn’t want it taken off me, I pulled some tissues out of their packet and put the perfume inside… apparently that was fine as long as I could seal it! Ha!

* Spending a the evening under the moon on the pier. This was beautiful. The water looked like liquid onyx and there people all around singing and drinking… gosh it was so gorgeous.

* Going to four different art galleries in a week! We went to a contemporary gallery that was four floors high! I pretty skipped with glee around the whole place!

* I went to my first professional gig (I know, I know) to see Joshua Redman and Roy Hargrove in a the  mega awesome festival: Jazz A Juan! So I’ve nothing to compare it to but it was the (band) best stage I’ve ever seen! It was right on the coast, so beyond the stage you could see all along the ocean and we watched the sunset…. What more can I say?

Love and serenades,

Lizzi x


2 Responses to “I Don’t Like Mondays 02/08/10”

  1. Tessa Says:

    That reminds me- I need to go gallery hopping before the summer’s over! The four-story contemporary sounds lovely, as do the liquid onyx waters. Interestingly enough I’ve run across so many beautiful descriptions of France recently, enough to make me jealous 😛 hope you enjoyed your stay!

  2. Lizzi Says:

    Thank you, I really did! Hope you have a wonderful time gallery hopping! I hope what you see makes you want to skip with delight ^-^

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