I Don’t Like Mondays 12/07/10

Hello darling, hows your week? The blog may have changed name, but is still sailing the ship of happiness! (oh excuse me!) ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’  is a weekly way of practising gratitude because as you know by now,  gratitude is what sugar is to cake, what snow is to Antarctica and what Peach is to Mario. Without further ado, my favourite things of the past week have been:

* Finding out about Gokinjo Monotagari – I love Ai Yazawa but I only knew about Paradise Kiss and NANA until now! It was a wonderful discovery

* My funny nurse. I went for a check on a few things and she said, “So it looks like there’s nothing wrong…. is that okay?” and my printed result also said Age:9 ^-^

* Wearing a dress I’d bought from a local charity store to be stopped by a pretty lady (with dreadlocks no less!) who told me it used to be hers and she was glad it went to me! Have you had any experiences like this? I would love to hear about them!

* I bought a bowler hat….that’s all I need to say really!

* This conference on how schools kill creativity comes recommended!

* Making a vision board (you can see a little video of it here) – this sort of illustrates my goals, aesthetics and where I want head with the blog.

* Spending the weekend with my little sisters! I have said how adorable they are but allow me to do it again…They are adorable!

* Finding out that there’s going to be another café/gallery in my area ^-^ I consider myself to be so lucky where I am.

* Having vivid dreams almost every night for a week! Dreams are one of my favourite things ever ever.

Love and sunshine,
Lizzi x

P.S. I’m in France next week (yay!) so chances of ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ on the 19th are slim…. but I’ll see what I can do!


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