It’s time for change at Miss Lizzi’s. In find myself uninspired by the name ‘Odds and Ends’ – it’s too general, not important enough. It’s as though each article is just something neither here nor there, without a cause. Que change!

As you may know, I wrote (and am writing) ‘The Quite Contrary Guide to Prom’. It was written for the people who (watch me skip around the word ‘individual’) didn’t feel comfortable conforming to what is seen as the usual way to act at prom – that being hiring a car, buying an expensive, shiny dress with a large circumference etc.  Not that acting that way is bad or wrong but it was not what would make them most happy. The Quite Contrary person was someone like me, like some of my friends and like many, many other people out in the world. In my head, the idea of the Quite Contrary person really developed. The person who isn’t afraid to do want they want, whether it is the trend or not, whether it is the cliché or not because as long as they are happy and being themselves, it didn’t matter.

While I believe everyone is individual and interesting, there seems to be a spectrum of how society puts individuals into groups and then onto the spectrum. These of course are stereotypes. I think one in a million actually fit a stereotype. When you really know about person it seems impossible to put them into a group. We boast about how our friends are rich, interesting characters whereas a stranger could point and call your friends, a fashion victim, a geek, a pushover etc.  So if one end of this spectrum lies the people who leech onto things that have ‘individual’ or ‘rebel’ on the price tag and then exert their ‘individuality’, Quite Contrary is the other end. They love and live life,do what they want to do, and are free.

So I suppose it still is a little general and I did go on a bit of a tangent there… What I am trying to say is that Quite Contrary Life is about people, inspiration, dreams and saving the world. Let’s spread happiness and awesomeness!

Love and the best the future can muster,

Lizzi x


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