I Don’t Like Mondays 05/07/10

Well hello there people of the internet! It is my Monday tradition to brighten the week from the day it begins and so I bring you ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ (which I will totally have to cover on ukulele!) Some wonderful things of recent times have been:

* This is a fantastic argument, that Disneyland is for everyone – not just kids and tourists!

* Starting a love affair with my local park! I’m in love now even with leaves o_o and I have a favourite spot! It’s a place which I find mysterious which s always welcome.

* My prom was last Thursday! I will write more on this for ‘Quite Contrary Guide To Prom’

* Simply the word (or is it a phrase?) Gobble-dee-goop

* It was @daisygunner’s birthday last week -she’s super awesome so send her your wishes!

*Everybody loves songs about Doctor Who, right?

* I’m starting pilates and yoga this week! Oh my! It’s exciting but I’ve never been one to routinely exercise so I’m a little nervous too!

* Planing new plans! Ooh! What say you readers if I were to make this blog less general and to have set theme?

* Glitter, Bowie and glam rock oh my! *awe*

* Getting back into J-fashion (now shush you!). It’s so colourful and inspiring o_o

* Rasputina are my summer bandsee reference!

Love and wonka bars,
Lizzi x

Introducing – Mr. Brian Slade!


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