I Don’t Like Mondays 28/06/10

Hello darling, I’ve a confession to make. Throughout the week I write things down, make mental notes and draft up a post for the following ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ and I choose all my favourite bits and that becomes the post . However, this week I haven’t done that! Forgive me! The thing is – I’m free now (of compulsory education that is.) I think I took freedom a little literally and totally neglected my blog!

Not just every Monday – but every day I think of what I am thankful for, even if it was a bad or if nothing in particular happened because thinking about what I do have and can be thankful for makes me so much happier than I would if I were to think about everything bad or how it could have been better. I know, I know it sounds obvious but it is a hard habit to get into but once you have it makes such a difference. Just do it now. What was the best thing about today?  Try to think of five things. Even little things – don’t judge what makes you happy. Even if it’s just the look on someones face, the shine on your shoes or just some damn good coffee.

So hey, but it’s not specifically relevant to this week but I am so happy and grateful for:

The amazing power of a smile, beautiful magic music, infinite creativity, the seasons, the way that trees, yes trees, can take my breath away, gorgeous teriyaki salmon -you are beautiful! I love kindness, I love bad jokes, I love only every reading half the books I take out from the library because I always go overboard. Vivid dreams, aliens, the smell of baking, cookie dough ice cream, poetry, people with wit, the things children say, petticoats, comic books and the fact that we live in a generation in which you can make a living by making toy food with faces on is all awesome. I could ramble more but I think that’ll do for one day.

All my love and plastic magic wands,

Lizzi x


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