I Don’t Like Mondays 21/06/10

Hey darling, thanks for reading ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ and for bearing with me while I get my exams over and done with! Every Monday I write about the best things of my past week, and encourage you to the same. Last week I loved:

* Seeing the message ‘cogito ergo sum’ written in the steam of the mirror – it mean’s ‘I think, therefore I am.’ Descartes

* HAVING A SQUIRREL IN AN EXAM HALL. It was running around and got pretty close to me!

* The announcement of Portal 2! – Watch this in HD! “It’s been a long time…”

* Reading Stardust – Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite authors. The words flow like a river o_o

* Having a wonderful day with @elencatrin! Radios, cute cafés, street performers, confusing street signs galore!

* Reading Scott Pilgrim ^-^ It’s so creative! Have you read it?

All my love,
Lizzi x

I saw Angel-A yesterday, I recommend ^-^


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