I Don’t Like Mondays 07/06/10

Hey everyone, how’s things?  This past week or so I’ve had some time off and the weathers been beautiful! I’ve got exams every day next week, so wish me luck! My favourite things of the past week have been:

* Over-hearing foreign phone conversations.

* The funny old stories that my grandmother tells me

* Photos from the fifties!

* Dancing around to this before exams – I’m not really panicking at the moment! Maybe that’ll change, who knows?

* The fact that my one year old sister can both identify and pronounce ‘zombie’

* Getting inspired for a new personal photography project!

* I’m sort of in love with  polka dots right now… just saying!

*  Again -Playing Mario Kart – with people this time!

* Everybody, both men and women should read this – How To Be a Gentleman– It is fantastic

Love and roses,

Lizzi x

from 10 Things I Hate About You


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