How to Save the World

Okay, where to begin?

It’s one in the morning and I feel a little crazy. I need to do something and I need to help and I’m not sure where I’m going with this but here goes: Charity is so important I cannot stress quite how much we need to help others.
I just got back from talking to my dad about this. We’re both pretty passionate about equality and we have our different ways of doing our part (I favour charity shops and give to the homeless – he only buys from fair businesses and encourages others to do so) but I feel like I don’t do enough. So now after really thinking hard about this my head is spinning with what I want to do and what I can realistically do. Sure I could spend every evening at the local shelter or start giving public speeches to raise awareness but that just isn’t practical. No one can save the world on their own…

What issue do you feel closest to? Poverty, homelessness, disability, animal cruelty? We all need to do something! We all play a part in this world! We need to make charity a part of daily-routine. It can be so much easier than you think:

* Buy fair-trade products. I know we are told this all the time but I mean it! The tea and chocolate are gorgeous, I promise.

* Embrace charity stores. A lot of people are prejudiced against them but think about it, you get something new, it’s super cheap, your less likely to have the same as other people and your helping a good cause!

* Donate online! This is pretty self explanitory.

* Organise a little something every few months. It doesn’t have to be complex, just a simple cupcake sale for your office/school etc. will do!

* Make time for volunteers who approach you. There’re taking time out of their day to do something good, surely sparing five minutes can’t hurt?

* Get children involved… they are the future after all, so make sure that they are aware and stay positive!

* Check out Handmade for Haiti! I’ll update when I hear any more about it

and finally * Research a cause you feel passionate about and get your area involved.

So thank you so much those of you who are helping to make tomorrow better, stay positive.

All my love and confidence in you,
Lizzi x


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