I Don’t Like Mondays 17/05/10

Hey everyone ^-^ It’s the start of of another week, and my exams are drawing ever closer (and by that I mean they begin tomorrow!) My favourite things this past week have been:

* A lovely cousin of mine got married to a lovely lady on Saturday!

* Which brings me to my family- for being the most wonderful, sweetest people you could imagine!

* Being converted to the last.fm side. I’m sorry spotify for my infidelity!

* How to Talk Like Frank Sinatra! – I’m a ‘mouse’ see?

* Finding out that there is a new art gallery in town! I can’t wait to go!

* Conversations with my 4 year old sister

Me: When I was your age, I loved pigs, they were my favourite animals!

Her: I love pigs, ’cause they make ham.

*Coming to the end of compulsory education! Huzzah!

Lots of love and sweet memories,

Lizzi x


2 Responses to “I Don’t Like Mondays 17/05/10”

  1. Ben of the Wooden Horde Says:

    You can scrobble on Spotify.

  2. Lizzi Says:

    Scrobbling sounds like fun ^-^ I’ll check it out

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