I Don’t Like Mondays 10/05/10

Hey everyone ^-^ How’s things with you? I’ve been so wonderfully content at the moment, less ‘deliriously happy’ and more like feeling at home. ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ is brought to you as a weekly source of happiness and gratitude! My favourite things last week were:

* Playing my ukulele so that it cuts into my fingers! (This is good- I promise)

* Discovering The Middle Finger Project and :0 how wonderful it is!

* Watching (500) Days of Summer with tea and being utterly contented^-^

* Flower crowns! They’re cropping up everywhere at the moment and I’m starting to need one…

* Audrey Kitchings May playlist is pretty damn awesome!

* Political discussions with other under-aged citizens. Should they lower the age, what do you think?

* Deciding ‘Do Something Lame Day’ should be an international holiday ^-^

* Cups of tea from teachers – this should not be under-appreciated!

Lots of love ’til next time
Lizzi xx


2 Responses to “I Don’t Like Mondays 10/05/10”

  1. Ash Says:

    Um, honored!


    Thanks for the kind words & the shout out!

  2. Lizzi Says:

    Your super welcome! I adore your blog πŸ™‚ Keep inspiring people xx

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