Quite Contrary- Sailors, Pirates and Adventurers of the Deep, Ahoy!

Love ‘The Little Mermaid’? Dream of adventures aboard a pirate ship? Or love retro nautical style? Me too! ^-^ Below is my guide on how to bring your seaside style to prom and be the pearl of the ocean!

Nautical (but nice hehe)

Nautical fashion is everywhere. It everything inspired by sailors and ships. This means stripes, anchors, ropes tattoos, and those famous colours, red, white and blue! If you want to be subtle, then how about a striped dress with a simple anchor necklace? However, in ‘Quite Contrary’ creativity rules! I think a sailor pin-up girl inspired look would be fabulous or ‘sail’ tied up with ropes to create a dress (like in The Little Mermaid!) would be unforgettable.

I think these shoes by Leg Avenue are just perfect! I might have to buy them for myself… they’d go perfectly with striped stockings or a sailors hat….Don’t you want them too?

Baby Girl Boutique offers a whole range of retro inspired nautical things, just a few of which are shown above!

Dolly Dagger is totally wonderful site ^-^ Definitely check out their retro wonders like above!


Seriously, who doesn’t think pirates are awesome? Really? If you want to bring pirate-y lovelyness into your prom I’d start with “pirate essentials” and work with that around have a dress, clutch etcetera. Pirates, put simply, wear frilly shirts, velvet, brown leather, stolen goods, decadent jewels, tricorn hats, head-scarfs and eyepatches. Agreed? If your feeling particularly adventurous you could wear a miniature parrot on your shoulder!

Seriously recommended sites are Ergi, Alice and the Pirates<3, Clockwork Coutureand Retroscope Fashions!

Brown Faux Leather Boots
Treasure Chest Bag
Message in a bottle
Pirate Ship Necklace
Pirate Bolero
Eye Patch
Miniature Tricorn Hat
Porthole Clutch
White Ruffle Blouse


Mermaids essentially are women with fish tails for legs non? However the stories say they were so beautiful that sailors couldn’t help but to be drawn to them thus leading their ships to crash into rocks, so maybe they’re a little more than just fish ladies. I typically associate fish-tail skirts, coral colours, pearls and shells with mermaids!

Keeping your hair loose with a flower in it would be really pretty and perhaps have your shoes the same colour as your dress/skirt to make it more tail like. Scales are shiny too, so it would suit to iridescent and sheer looking!

Fish-tail Skirt
Coral Ring
Peal Necklace
Swirly Cuff
Flower Corsage

Love and seaweed,

Lizzi x


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