I Don’t Like Mondays 22/03/10

Hey guys ^-^ You don’t need introductions to ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ any more do you?* I didn’t think so ^-^

* Being greeted with -glompoclock- :L

* Mind-blowing conjoined twin skeleton from Derren Brown

* Thinking ‘would would Jareth do?’ to make decisions (Jareth as in the Labyrinth)

* Playing card games to pass the time with friends!

* Having a perfect dream about carnival people, I can’t stop thinking about it!

* Drawing on the train, or art on public transport of any kind ^-^

* My heart is in your hands – Please wash your hands! The Vegemite song (that’s Marmite for us Britons!)

* Surprise phone calls from old friends!

* Absolutely loving Gok Wan! He makes people happy and look and feel fantastic – wants not to adore?

* Naming your shoes….

* Snorlax Dress – um wow!

* Totally getting someone I don’t know that well to sing Magic Dance with me (they were awesome!)

* Pretty Tea cup on your head ^-^

and finally,
* New series of Fashion Fix on 25th May! So excited x3

Love,peace and all that jazz
Lizzi x

Watch this film!


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