I Don’t Like Mondays 15/03/10

Hey guys ^-^ It’s Monday again! You know what that means? ‘I don’t like Mondays’ is here to spread gratitude interweb wide! So here goes:

* Trying new things and getting totally positive feedback!

* Strawfoot now being on spotify! How would you define them? Is it country?

* Looking forward to reviews from The Cinema Kid!

* Realising that my ridiculous book pile look like the city of books that Stitch builds – “Wow…San Fransisco…”

* #radicalselflove for inspiring me to be kinder to body ^-^

* Getting totally old-school books in the mail!

* Perfectionists helping me out, even if their world is a little bit scary!

* My dad for pointing out that Micheal from American Idol would make a perfect Cobra Bubbles :L

* Starting an online diary! This is so convenient for me and I’ve been meaning to do it since New Years…

* This conversation: “Isn’t that a bit pretentious?” “Sorry ^-^;; I don’t know what pretentious means…” “Me neither, just sounded big”



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