I Don’t Like Mondays 08/03/10

Hey guys and dolls! Welcome to another week! No one should ever suffer Monday blues, so when you feel them creeping up just remember all the things that make a week fabulous! Last week, my favourite things were:

* Various encounters with strangers that deserve to be characters in a book ^-^

* Planning holidays – this has been so much fun! Campsites, festivals, dresses and swimsuits…

* I want to live in this place right now ♥

* Going to sleep to the sound of rainfall

* Cocoa body butter is A-May-Zing! I feel like telling everyone, “You do realise I smell like chocolateright now?!”

* Being invited to DisneyLand next year! It’ll be my third time. I swear sometimes I feel homesick when I think about it

* My love for Threadbanger will last a lifetime, I swear!

* Going to see Alice in Wonderland! It was just beautiful and so inspiring!

* Totalling getting back into Doctor Who! Anyone else looking forward to the next series?

* Wondering what on the planet Gallifrey (you see what I did there?) I’m going to do about prom seeing that I don’t dance! Should I take a robot? A rubix cube?

Live long, prosper and all that jazz,
Lizzi x

This don’t need words…


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One Response to “I Don’t Like Mondays 08/03/10”

  1. Kay Says:


    I’m actually Mrs. Kay Who 😉
    Bascially Matt Smith and I are married!


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