Artists worst nightmare

Amongst the pressures to be smart, talented and beautiful,I think one of the scariest is the pressure to be “original”. Whether your trying to impress your boss, make fantastic art or just differentiate yourself from others I think the concept of being unique is lost.

People go very much out of their way to be different. Dressing differently, saying bizarre things and listening to unconventional music as to seem unique. However I find these attempts a little sad to watch because they never work. They make you look desperate and sheep-like. I mean, each of these poor people desperately trying to be different walk down the exact same path and therefore all end in the same place.

My belief is that being unique is easy (unless of course, you happen to be a clone). Each person has completely unique DNA, you know what that means? There is no-one in the whole world that is the same as you. You don’t have to try to be different, it’s just true. You are a unique original person.

I can’t write ‘A Short Guide to Being Yourself’. There is no certain way to be ‘unique’. The only advice I can give you is stolen from the wonderful mister Oscar Wilde,
“Be yourself;everybody else is already taken.”

Lizzi x


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