I Don’t Like Mondays 15/02/10

Hey everyone! ^-^ So how was Valentines? I spent it looking at beautifully eerie art and went out for foreign cuisine with the family. I don’t do romantic Valentines… I do happy Mondays! Sorry it’s late..

* Helping my step mother dress like Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna- I am a black lace machine!

* Waking up and thinking the dream was real, and making a fool of myself as I talk about it…

* The fact that Muse used to be called Gothic Plague makes me happy ^-^

* Watching The Watchmen!

* Audio-stories, or just being read to in general is real nice.

* Realising that today is my unbirthday and probably yours too! Happy unbirthday!

* New mantra to add to the list! – When in doubt; quote Oscar Wilde ^_~

* Thinking about the Alice in Wonderland photography I’m doing later this week

* Happy songs from Paolo Nutini

* Life With Paris’s approach to the death of Alexander Mcqueen “he’s gonna make the angels cute outfits!”

* The Birthday Problem! – In a group of a random 23, there’s a 50% pair of them will share a birthday~

* The 100girls100days theory that women wear the highest heels possible on the first date to gain the upper hand

and last of all,
*That wonderful rush of energy and happiness you get after turning the laptop after a few hours!

Live long, prosper and all that jazz,
Lizzi x

Why is the mouse not candy-like?


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