I felt it was obligatory for me to write on this subject, but I’ll be honest with you, Valentines day is not my thing. In my life I have had not one romantic Valentines day. So perhaps this is going to be a little ‘a Christian’s account of their experiences during Ramadan’ but I just had to write about it!

Valentines day commercialism scares me. Fake roses with ‘messages of love’ written on them, teddy bears brandishing hearts (how in the world is this not terrifying? Think about it) , hideous underwear and cards that literally fill a room, all frighten me. I can honestly say I am happy I have never received any of these things. Promise me lovers, give nice presents. Please do not buy this nonsense and maybe they’ll stop making it.

And so I say, For the couples:

Do what you do best.

Make lonely people jealous – you are forgiven on this day. It is the one day of the year that it is okay to be stupidly romantic so make the most of it.I think making a pact not to give each other gifts would make the day so much nicer. Not that I don’t adore buying gifts but it would mean that neither of you will be stressing about what to give or whether you spent more money/time on it. Instead don’t you think it would be perfect just  enjoyed the day together?

And for us not-so-coupley people:

Do not wallow. That is literally a command. Call me ridiculous but I see absolutely no reason why tomorrow should make you upset or angry. So your alone… So it’s just Sunday. Please get over it. Just because your single doesn’t mean you aren’t a-frickin-mazing! Your just single, it’s an adjective.

So in all, my thoughts on Valentine’s day; make it cute and not stupid but realise that if you aren’t doing anything that is more than fine….

Love and bad poems
Lizzi x

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