Thinking about my last entry (which you can read here) I don’t think I stressed enough the importance of a point I made because it is so important and so easy to forget!
*Don’t expect anything of anyone else. This sounds a little mean, but really if you want something, you have to do it and find it yourself. If you want something of someone else, how will they know unless you tell them?
This is revelant to everyone- i’m sure of it. We blame everyone and everything for our bad moods but the truth is that we are in control of whether we’re happy or not. We expect people to do and say things for us, without even telling them how we feel and if that isn’t bad enough, we then treat them as if they are guilty.
I’m pretty sure that everyone has acted this way and that includes me. Open your eyes and stop.
The only person you can rely on is you. If you want to be happy-forget everyone else and smile.

Peace and love
Lizzi x


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